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Bitcoin Code - Scam or Not?

change your financial status today

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Bitcoin Code - change your financial status today
Published days ago on July 31, 2020
By Anton Kovačić
Bitcoin Code - change your financial status today

Bitcoin Code is now a household name in the cryptocurrency world, but it started out as a simple idea in 2017. At an inaugural Alternative Assets Conference, some veteran crypto traders agreed that depending on cryptocurrency value gains would not be a rewarding strategy in the next few years. There was, therefore, a need to develop strategies that would take advantage of the constant intraday price volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Code scans for the best intraday opportunities and trades them with the best strategies, using the most advanced technologies. Like the cryptocurrencies it trades, the software operates round the clock, churning out massive daily profits for its investors. It does not matter your level of investing experience; anyone can make money with the Bitcoin Code.

The software has been designed to allow all types of investors to earn consistent passive profits out of the cryptocurrency markets. It features a user-friendly interface that is easily navigable even for new, inexperienced investors, while it still packs professional-grade features to allow the more experienced investors to exploit even more opportunities when trading their favourite crypto assets.

Bitcoin Code - change your financial status today

Bitcoin Code combines top strategies and advanced technologies to trade the crypto market with a near-perfect accuracy level that guarantees investors real profits round the clock. Investors trading with the software have the flexibility and convenience of trading in either Manual or Automatic modes. There are also various options for investors to customise their preferred trading parameters so as to optimise their strategies and enhance profitability.

When the software is set to trade in manual mode, it generates trading signals but an investor must approve the signals that will be executed in the market. In this case, the Bitcoin Code essentially alerts an investor of a prevailing trading opportunity in the market, and it is up to the investor to accept or deny it. Manual trading may be attractive in some instances for experienced traders who may want to take control over their trading activity. Nonetheless, they will have to contend with slow execution speeds in a fast, dynamic and volatile market.

The most recommended trading mode is Automated, where no human intervention is required when the software is in action. Investors can still set their preferred trading parameters, but once the software has been set to trade in Automated mode, it will generate signals and simultaneously execute them in the market. There is absolutely no time lag whatsoever and investors will earn maximum profits on any lucrative opportunity in the market.

What is the Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code - What is the Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is an award-winning automated crypto trading software. Its latest honour has been the ‘No. 1 Cryptocurrency Trading Software’.

Bitcoin Code - What is the Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is highly customisable. Investors can set various trading parameters, such as trading times, tradable assets and risk management plans so as to stay in control of their trading activities.

Bitcoin Code - What is the Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code members can optimise their trading strategies by performing both backtesting and live forward testing in the market. The inbuilt Strategy Tester has various tools to enable the efficient optimisation of strategies.

Bitcoin Code - What is the Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code combines top technologies and top strategies to trade the crypto market with a success rate.

Bitcoin Code - What is the Bitcoin Code?

All Bitcoin Code members have access to a free and unlimited demo account. This helps investors to establish the effectiveness of the software before letting it trade with real money.

Bitcoin Code - What is the Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code has a web-based interface which allows for easy and convenient access on any internet-connected device. This also means that no download is required, no maintenance and no updates.

Start Trading with Bitcoin Code

It is easy to get started with the Bitcoin Code, the best, automated crypto trading software in the world. The sign-up process is simple and straightforward. You can be part of the Bitcoin Code community in just less than 5 minutes. It is free to join the community, and once approved, you will only be required to fund your trading account so as to start trading with the Bitcoin Code. There are no other hidden fees and no commissions will be charged on your profits, which you can withdraw anytime you wish.
New investors looking to trade with the software are simply required to complete the registration form on the Bitcoin Code homepage. After that, they can verify the performance on a demo account that simulates the real market price action. If they wish to earn real profits, they will have to open and fund a real account with any of the recommended Bitcoin Code partner brokers.

Steps to Start Trading with the Bitcoin Code:

Bitcoin Code - FIRST – REGISTER


Sign up to be part of Bitcoin Code community

Fill out the registration form with your details such as first name, last name, country of residence, email address and phone number. You will also be required to secure your Bitcoin Code account with a unique password. Complete the registration process by confirming the activation email you will receive as part of 2-factor authentication, and then submit the form.

If your registration is approved, you will be contacted by the Bitcoin Code via email. You will be given a choice of reputable brokers with whom you can open a trading account and trade efficiently with the software. It is prudent to first trade on a demo account so as to assess the performance of the software as well as to understand the different features and services of your brokerage platform.

Bitcoin Code - SECOND – DEMO TRADE


Try out the software with virtual funds

Try out Bitcoin Code on a demo account that mirrors the exact price action in the real market. All Bitcoin Code partner brokers offer a free and unlimited demo account to all investors. The account is funded with $1,500 in virtual funds and allows traders to understand the risks and rewards available in the cryptocurrency market.

Demo trading also allows investors to try out or tweak different strategies with the software. It also allows them to understand the different features available on their preferred broker’s trading platform.

Bitcoin Code - THIRD – TRADE LIVE


Start Trading on a Live Account

Open a live account to start trading for real profits. On your live account members’ area, you can change your trading strategies and also find a quick button to switch between manual and automated trading modes.

Here are some of the features available on your Live Account page:

Bitcoin Code - Account History:

Account History:

Under the Account History tab, investors can check out their entire trading activity history. From deposits and withdrawals to open transactions and overall profits/losses, investors can get a quick picture of the performance of the software.

Bitcoin Code - Open Transactions:

Open Transactions:

This tab allows you to view all your open transactions. It will show the assets traded, the entry prices, the current prices as well as the prevailing profits/losses of each trade. There is also a button to close each or all open trades at once.

Bitcoin Code - Control Panel:

Control Panel:

Here, investors can perform quick settings on their trading account. They can quickly toggle between manual and automated trading modes as well as alter the different set parameters, such as assets, trading times and take profit/stop loss levels.

Bitcoin Code - Deposit/Withdrawals:


This button allows an investor to quickly deposit or withdraw funds to and from their trading accounts. You will be able to select a payment method that is safe and convenient for you.

There is a wide selection of financial assets that can be traded using the Bitcoin Code software. From cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero, to Forex pairs such as EURUSD, USDJPY and USDCAD, there are plenty of ingenious crypto/crypto pairs and crypto/fiat pairs that ensure investors are exposed to lucrative trading opportunities round the clock.



Fund your Account and Start Trading

After your successful Bitcoin Code registration, you will be required to open a trading account with any of the recommended brokerage companies. Deposit funds into your trading account to start trading for real profits using Bitcoin Code. The minimum deposit with most of the brokers is $250. This is your money and alongside your profits, you can withdraw these funds at any time you wish.

There are no fees charged when you wish to join the Bitcoin Code community and trade with the best crypto trading software in the world. There are also no other hidden costs or commissions charged on your profits.

Bitcoin Code partner brokers run efficient banking systems that allow investors to make deposits or withdrawals using a variety of safe and convenient payment methods that include major Credit/Debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, popular eWallets such as Neteller, and secure Local Bank Wire. You can always contact the customer support team if you need any assistance with making your deposit. Investors can start trading and earning profits with the Bitcoin Code as soon as a successful deposit has been made.

Bitcoin Code - Earn Profits with Bitcoin Code

Earn Profits with Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code stands out as the most popular and trusted automated Bitcoin and crypto trading software. With a minimal starting capital of just $250, investors are able to start earning big money out of the price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market.

Various independent reviews and verifiable testimonials also have only positive comments about the software. For investors looking to gain exposure to the money-spinning crypto opportunity, Bitcoin Code offers an easy pathway.


Bitcoin Code a powerful crypto trading software that combines the best strategies and top technologies to trade the market with a near-perfect success rate.

The high accuracy levels ensure that investors are able to churn out consistent profits round the clock. Bitcoin Code also features handy customisation options which allow investors to take charge of their trading activity and overall profitability. If you wish to trade the crypto opportunity, Bitcoin Code is your natural choice!

Want to Learn More?

We have covered all the important aspects you need to know about the Bitcoin Code. It is important to learn all you can about the software before investing your hard-earned money. But if you need any more information, feel free to Contact Us; it will be our pleasure to offer assistance.

Bitcoin Code - Is Bitcoin Code Legit or Scam?

Bitcoin Code Scam Test

The need to eliminate subjective human emotions out of objective trading activity was the reason why strategy automation was the natural direction of innovation in investing. When a strategy is automated, it trades the markets at its most optimal level. But while there are numerous software systems, such as Bitcoin Code, that trade the crypto markets with full automation, there are also several scams out there designed solely to separate investors from their hard-earned cash.

This is why we have undertaken to perform a thorough scam test for the Bitcoin Code. Find out more if Bitcoin Code is a software you can trust your money and time with when trading the lucrative opportunities available in the cryptocurrency market.

Is Bitcoin Code Legit or Scam?

In investing, due diligence and careful researching are paramount when separating legit software from scam projects. The first consideration is usually independent reviews. Bitcoin Code has been submitted for formal reviews by independent reviewers, most of whom have delivered positive comments on its performance and overall usability.

When assessing reviews, it is also important to watch out for fake reviews peddled by the same web of fraudsters. Unlike scam software, Bitcoin Code reviews have been performed by reputable websites and all testimonials have been verified to be from real and trusted individuals.

Ultimately, it is the performance of the software that will determine whether any software can make you money. Any legit software will allow investors to verify its performance claims before any real money is committed. This is where Bitcoin Code has an edge over other software. Its users have access to a free and unlimited demo account which they can use to perform live testing without putting any real money on the line.

A major warning sign with scam software is poor customer service and complicated withdrawal procedures. This is not the case with Bitcoin Code, where multiple users have provided verifiable withdrawal slips that confirm they are able to enjoy their profits without any hassles.

Finally, some critics have also raised the issue of the founders concealing the strategies the software utilises to trade the markets. While this is a reasonable concern, it is worth noting that most developers usually do not reveal their complete strategies because this will have the effect of rendering them ineffective over time.

Bitcoin Code - Public Reviews

Bitcoin Code is a well-known brand name in crypto circles, and its success has fuelled many rumours and speculations. Particularly, there have been some celebrity names associated with using the software. This might be due to the high profits Bitcoin Code generates passively, something that can finance the extravagant lifestyles of celebrities. Nonetheless, there is no major celebrity that has come out to endorse or actively promote the software. There are obviously individual privacy concerns, but while we cannot rule out the possibility of any celebrity using the Bitcoin Code, there is just no evidence of that yet.

The popular TV shows linked with Bitcoin Code:

Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den is a popular British TV show that gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch their ideas to 5 multimillionaire investors. Where do the investors get their unlimited funds? With the big profits that the Bitcoin Code generates, this makes some people imagine that it is the Bitcoin Code that is funding the investors.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an American business hit show that follows the format of Dragons’ Den. Bitcoin Code has seen its name linked with some Shark Tank investors but there is yet to be any tangible evidence to support the claims.

This Morning
(British TV Programme)

This Morning is a popular British TV programme that discusses a wide range of topical issues and features celebrities of all walks of life. Some celebrities who have featured on the show have been rumoured to belong to the Bitcoin Code family, but there have been no mentions on the show.

What is the Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is an exclusive community of investors earning consistent high profits out of the market by trading with the best, automated crypto trading software. The Bitcoin Code software applies advanced HFT (high-frequency trading) strategies, with every price tick providing an opportunity for investors to profit from. A good strategy guarantees that a good opportunity will be exploited, but the Bitcoin Code also utilises top FinTech technologies to ensure maximum profits are realised on every single trade.

There is the VPS (virtual private server) functionality that allows the software to remotely connect the underlying broker’s trading servers so as to achieve the best execution of orders at all times. With VPS, investors are guaranteed best execution whether there are internet connection blips, power outages or even platform mishaps. The Time Leap feature ensures that the software stays ahead of the retail markets by 0.01 seconds, an advantage the software exploits to generate trading signals that have a near-perfect success rate.

Bitcoin Code is admittedly a powerful crypto trading software, but its web-based platform has a user-friendly interface that is easily navigable for both new and experienced investors. There are as well plenty of customisation options to give investors a greater deal of control over their trading activities.

Bitcoin Code – How it Works

It is free to join the Bitcoin Code community. Once you are approved, you can test the software on a demo account that simulates the real market and is funded with $1,500 in virtual funds. When you are ready for the real market, simply open and fund a live account and start earning real profits.

Bitcoin Code - Step 1

Step 1

Fill out the registration form on the Bitcoin Code homepage with your first name, second name, country of residence, email address and phone number. Complete the process by confirming the activation email. Upon approval, you will be provided with a list of recommended brokers whose platforms support the optimal performance of the Bitcoin Code software.

Bitcoin Code - Step 2
Demo Trade

Step 2
Demo Trade

Take advantage of the free and unlimited demo account offered by the Bitcoin Code partner brokers and learn more about the features as well as different customisation options of the software. You will also get to learn more on how to navigate the trading platform of your preferred brokerage partner. Demo trading will help you fine-tune every trading detail before you make the transition to live trading.

Bitcoin Code - Step 3
Live Account

Step 3
Live Account

A positive and consistent performance on a demo account should prompt you to start earning real profits on a live account. When you are ready, simply open a live account and navigate to your Live Trading account panel to customise your preferred trading parameters as well as account settings.

There is the one-click button that allows you to toggle between manual and automated trading modes as well as shortcuts to quickly alter account settings, such as leverage and password resets. The ‘Open Transactions’ section will detail trades that are still running on your account, and you will have a quick button to close one or all running trades.

Bitcoin Code - Step 4
Deposit and Trade

Step 4
Deposit and Trade

Deposit funds into your live trading account so as to start trading with the Bitcoin Code. Bitcoin Code brokerage partners run efficient and secure banking systems which allow investors to deposit or withdraw funds from their trading accounts using safe, secure and convenient payment methods such as Bank Wire, Major Credit/Debit cards and popular eWallets. Investors can start earning profits with the Bitcoin Code as soon as a successful deposit is completed, and the software is activated.

A Comparison of the Bitcoin Code and Other Trading Software

Bitcoin Code

  • It is free to join and trade with Bitcoin Code
  • Smooth registration process takes less than 5 minutes
  • Free and Unlimited Demo Account for investors to verify the performance of the software
  • Start trading with a minimum deposit of $250
  • High Success Rate

Other Software

  • You can start trading after spending a huge amount in fees
  • Long, drawn-out sign-up process with numerous terms and conditions
  • No Demo Account, No Trial Period. Investors risk their money from the start.
  • High initial capital required to start trading
  • Unpredictable performance

Pros and Cons of the Bitcoin Code


  • Free Software. It is free to register and trade with the Bitcoin Code.
  • High Accuracy Levels. Trade cryptocurrency price changes.
  • Big profits. Earn profits when trading with the Bitcoin Code.
  • Demo Account. Test and verify the performance of the software before putting any real money on the line.
  • Web-based Interface. No download required, no maintenance, no updates. Access the Bitcoin Code conveniently on both desktop and mobile browsers.


  • Strategy Concealed. The exact strategies applied by the software in the crypto markets are not revealed.
  • Market Risk. No matter the efficiency of the software, the inherent market risk cannot be discounted.

Bitcoin Code Features

Here are some of the standout features of the Bitcoin Code automated crypto trading software:


High Customisation

Gain greater control of your trading activity when using the Bitcoin Code. Seamlessly switch between manual and automated trading modes. Modify trade parameters such as tradable assets, trading times, investment amounts, risk levels and stop loss/take profit levels.


Multiple Assets

Profit from the price changes of numerous asset classes that include crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat pairs. From BTCETH and BTCUSD to Forex Pairs such as EURUSD and USDJPY, you are exposed to endless, lucrative trading opportunities when you trade with the automated Bitcoin Code.


Demo Account

Risk your money only after ascertaining that the Bitcoin Code can actually earn profits out of the crypto market. Trade on a Demo Account that simulates the real market and get the rare chance of testing and tweaking various trading strategies without risking any money.


Daily Profits

Bitcoin Code scans for the best trading opportunities in the market 24/7, and applies the best strategies for maximum profits.


World Class Brokers

Bitcoin Code has partnered with top global brokers offering world-class trading services. All the partner brokers have a big reputation and provide the ultimate trading environment for any investor that desires trading success.


Bitcoin Code - Conclusion

Bitcoin Code is a legitimate crypto trading software that gives an opportunity to any investor to earn big money out of the cryptocurrency market. The software can trade with complete automation, but it also offers investors the option to alter various parameters so they can take control of their trading activity. As well as offering a demo account, Bitcoin Code has ticked all the boxes of scam-free and trustworthy software that can churn out consistent profits for literally ant type of investor.
Trade the crypto opportunity with Bitcoin Code now!

Bitcoin Code - Anton Kovačić

Anton Kovačić

Anton is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast.
He specializes in market strategies and technical analysis, and has been interested in Bitcoin and actively involved in the crypto markets since 2013.
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